Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SearchSiren free?
Yes, this service is completely free for your personal use.
Does SearchSiren need my eBay username or password?
No! Your eBay info is not needed to use this service. Any bidding or buying you do is done directly on eBay's website. Our service just sends you links to your favorite items.
Why use SearchSiren instead of eBay's saved searches?
  • eBay only allows each user to save 100 searches. SearchSiren allows potentially unlimited searches.
  • eBay saved searches only run once per day. SearchSiren searches run on whatever schedule you choose (from once every 30 minutes to once per day).
  • eBay sends you one email per search, with limited results and details in each email. SearchSiren sends out emails all day long, showing you all matching items detected since your last notification. SearchSiren emails contain useful information such as gallery pictures, buy-it-now prices, and whether or not a listing accepts best offers.
Who should use SearchSiren?
  • Collectors searching for that rare item that only gets listed a few times a year.
  • Anyone looking to make money buying items at bargain prices and reselling for a profit (as a side-job or a full-time career).
  • Anyone who wants the first chance to buy an item before the competition.
How long will my searches stay active?
You may inactivate or delete a saved search at any time. Otherwise searches will remain active as long as you visit every 30 days. If you do not visit for over 30 days, your searches will no longer run until you visit us again. This is to ensure inactive users do not waste our or eBay's resources.
How many results are returned during each search execution?
We return up to the most recent 100 items matching your search that were listed since the last time your search ran. If you expect your search to return more than 100 items at a time, you can run it more frequently or narrow your search criteria so you don't miss the items you want most.
How long are search results kept?
You may delete individual search results at any time on our site. Otherwise, results are automatically deleted 7 days after the eBay listing ends.
Why the default limit of 1000 daily searches? Can I increase my limit?
eBay has a limit on how many searches can be run daily. In order to support the most customers possible, we start out limiting users to 1000 total searches per day. You should set up your most important searches to run more frequently, while setting the less important searches to as infrequently as once per day. Inactivate or delete searches you no longer need. Users that need more daily searches and make frequent purchases from our alerts can request higher limits. Contact us to request an increase.
Is my data safe? Can anyone else see my searches or results?
Your personal details and email address are only visible to you and your password is encrypted. No one other than you can see your details, searches, or search results.