About SearchSiren

SearchSiren is a free application that automates your eBay searches, finds newly listed items matching your search criteria, and sends you real-time e-mail alerts.
In addition to email alerts, you may view your alerts on our website filtered by search or all at once. Items you are interested in bidding on can be saved to your watch list so you don't forget about them.
Having been an eBay buyer and seller since 1999, our founder needed an advantage over the competition. The key to making money is to find underpriced items first. Using specific search criteria and software to continuously scour eBay for matches, we can be alerted only for items that are worth buying. No more wasting time manually searching all day long. Our time can be better spent researching new product lines, letting the automated software handle the tedious bargain hunting.
Starting from a small budget of a few hundred dollars, our search software has helped grow our e-commerce business to an annual revenue of several hundred thousand dollars. Every time we receive an alert on our phone or PC, we know there's a profit to be made.