Most Recent Alerts

New search subcategory filters
You can now set up your searches to return results specific to any eBay subcategory. Choosing a category or subcategory will present you with additional subcategory fields to further refine your search.
New search criteria field for excluding sellers
A new search field has been added to allow you to exclude specific sellers from your search results.
New navigation features
Added new buttons to quickly edit the search a result is associated with and to easily delete a search after navigating to it from an alert email.

Welcome to Search Siren

Automated eBay search and item alert software

Using this tool, you can set up custom eBay searches with e-mail notifications that run as frequently as every 30 minutes. No longer will you need to manually search eBay numerous times a day to find your favorite newly listed items before another buyer beats you to it.

Our free service provides up to 500 automated searches a day. This can be 500 searches that run once a day, 250 that run twice a day, or any combination of search frequencies that total up to 500 per day. Choose your search frequency for each search you set up with options ranging from every 30 minutes to every 24 hours.

Are 500 searches per day not enough? You can purchase additional daily searches through a monthly plan or we may provider additional searches for free on a case by case basis for users that make frequent eBay purchases through our notifications. Contact us through the contact form to learn more.

Have a request for future features? Let us know through our contact form.
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